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Running Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode

Many job applicants have reported problem viewing some pages on the PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions preventing the submission of their job applications. The problem is caused by incompatibility of Internet browser being used by applicant. A note was added to the job employment page to make applicants aware of the browser incompatibility and a brief advice on how to fix the problem. The advice is to run IE in Compatibility Mode, if IE version is 10.

How to run Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to “Tools” and select “Compatibility View Settings”.IT-HR-IE-10-compatability-sample-01
  3. Click on “Display all websites in Compatibility View”. And then click on “Close” button.IT-HR-IE-10-compatability-sample-02
  4. Close the IE session.
  5. The next time an IE session is opened it’ll be in Compatibility View.
  6. Please contact Human Resources at 650-508-6308 for any problem with your job application.

1/23/14 - rm/br/rjc