Doing Business With Us

Contracts and Procurement is the centralized procurement department for the District, Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB/Caltrain), and San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) and is responsible for purchasing goods, materials, supplies, equipment, technical services and professional services required to meet the operation needs of the three agencies.

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The following describes the general process used by the District to procure materials, equipment and services.  Each solicitation process is conducted based on the estimated dollar amount of the contract. For more detailed information, please review the District’s policies.  

Invitation for Bids (IFB): 
Construction and Public Works:
 - All District Public Works contracts in excess of $200,000 are competitively bid
 - All JPB Public Works contracts in excess of $10,000 are competitively bid
Supplies, Equipment and Materials:
 - All supplies, equipment and materials in excess of $150,000 are competitively bid

Request for Proposals (RFP):
Professional and Other Services:

 - Professional and Other Services in excess of $150,000 are generally solicited through the RFP process

Request for Quotations (RFQ): 
The District engages in an informal competitive procurement process for purchases of goods, materials, supplies, equipment, services or professional services under $150,000.  The District will solicit price and rate quotations from an adequate number of qualified sources to obtain the most reasonable price.  

Items for Auction: 
The District periodically arranges for action of its surplus items.  The auctions are held offsite by Bar None Enterprises of Sacramento.  For more information visit Bar None Auction.